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Durston D2 130 mm Double Rolling Mill w/ Extension Rolls

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Durston D2 130 mm Double Rolling Mill w/ Extension Rolls

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The Durston D2 'Stacked Mill' is the first choice for busy workshops, schools and colleges needing maximum sheet rolling width and a full range of wire reducing grooves (with groove indicator) from as much as 15 mm initial material size down to 1 mm square wire. The machine has two sets of rolls, one for sheet (with extension rolls for halfround shapes) and the other grooved for square wire. These are set in high quality, maintenance-free bearings and are guaranteed for life.

As with the whole of the Durston range of mills, the rolls are of the highest quality alloy steel hardened to 63 / 64 Rockwell C and ground to perfection. Excellent gearing ratio offering reduction of 7 - 1 for sheet and 3.5 - 1 for wire, allowing smooth manual operation. Single, calibrated dial is in a central, easy-to-read location.

Extremely versatile and very rugged in construction, this machine is very simple to use with full control over roll passes for both sheet and wire. Made in England.

  • Extension rolls have 4 half-round grooves 1.5, 2, 3, and 4 mm
  • Roller Dimensions 130 mm wide x 60 mm dia.
  • Gear Ratio 7:1 for flat and 3.5:1 for wire rolls
  • Thickness Capacity 7 mm
  • Flat Section 130 mm wide
  • Wire Section 19 square grooves, 10 to 1 mm
  • Shipping Weight 196 lbs.
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