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Air Pressure Dispensing Systems

Air Pressure Dispensing Systems

Used with compressed air to apply epoxy resins and paste solders. A complete system consists of a regulator assembly, adaptor assembly, air pressure syringe, and needle tiplet, all of which are sold separately to accommodate a variety of syringe and needle styles and sizes.

Regulator Assembly

The standard regulator assembly consists of pressure regulator, pressure gauge, mounting bracket, foot switch, and fittings to accept any adaptor assembly. Pipe size: 1/4" NPT, with male connection. Furnished assembled.

Adapter Assembly

Adapter assemblies are composed of a plastic adaptor for the F Style syringe, a quick-connect fitting to engage the regulator assembly, and hosing. Available in three sizes corresponding to the three different volumes of the F Style syringes.

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550-100 Air Regulator Assembly Regulator assembly with foot switch
550-101 Adaptor Assembly for 1 cc syringe Adapter assembly for 10cc F syringe
550-103 Adaptor Assembly for 30 cc syringe Adapter assembly for 30cc F syringe
550-105 Adaptor Assembly for 50 cc syringe Adapter assembly for 50cc F syringe
550-090 Replacement Regulator for Air Dispensing System Replacement regulator
550-109 Replacement Foot Switch for Air Dispensing System Replacement foot switch
550-099 Replacement Hosing for Air Dispensing System Replacement hosing (per foot)