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Chain Nose Parallel Pliers

  • Smooth Jaws
    Smooth Jaws
  • Serrated Jaws
    Serrated Jaws

Chain Nose Parallel Pliers


Valor Parallel Pliers are top quality pliers manufactured exclusively for The Contenti Company and are an excellent value. The nickel plated compound-action handles are coupled to jaws that remain parallel throughout their range of movement. This ensures a secure grip on the article being held, even when working with difficult to hold items such as round beads.

These chain nose pliers are available with either smooth or serrated jaws. The serrated jaw models also feature an integrated V-groove along the length of one of the jaws. Choose between 5" and 5-1/2" overall lengths. Longer models are equipped with extension return springs for easier operation.

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360-366 Valor Parallel Pliers, Chain Nose smooth jaw, 5 inch length Smooth Jaws
no Spring
5" (125 mm) 0.400" (10.25 mm) $14.50
360-367 Valor Parallel Pliers, Chain Nose serrated jaw, 5-1/2 inch length Serrated Jaws
with Return Spring
5-1/2" (140 mm) 0.500" (12.5 mm) $14.50