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California Red Chaser’s Pitch

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California Red Chaser’s Pitch

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The main purpose of pitch is for work holding when performing chasing and repoussé, engraving, stone setting, and metal carving. When warmed it becomes fluid and adhesive. When your workpiece is embedded in the pitch, no air is entrapped behind the piece, which allows you to obtain the most precise details. Your workpiece is held firmly in place, leaving both hands free.

California Red Chaser’s Pitch is provided in a 2 lb. bag which, when melted, has a volume of approximately 20 cubic inches. Two 2 lb. bags are required to fill our 7” Pitch Bowl (item no. 210-228), and our Shallow Pitch Bowl (item no. 210-221) requires just 1 lb. It’s a perfect blend between soft and hard, providing enough support and adhesion while still being soft enough for high relief chasing and repoussé. All you need is a hot air gun to melt the pitch, which is provided in small pieces. When handling molten pitch, wearing eye protection and a long sleeve shirt are absolute musts. Molten pitch can cause nasty burns. Made in USA.