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Burro™ Bur Storage System

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Burro™ Bur Storage System

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Two well-known stonesetters collaborated in the design of this innovative storage system for 3/32” shank burs. The BURRO™ system rides on ball bearings to provide smooth rotation. Each hole in the unit (234 in all) is dedicated to a particular style and size of bur. Above each hole is a storage compartment for additional burs of the same style and size. Each layer is marked with the number designation for the bur style stored in that layer, and each hole is marked with the size of the bur in that series.


The BURRO™ system consists of 6 layers: 

Base: 47 compartments for Round Burs

Layer 1: 47 compartments for 90° and/or 70° Bearing Cutter Burs.

Layer 2: 39 compartments for Setting Burs (e.g., Contenti items 340-413 and 330-352)

Layer 3: 31 compartments for Cup Burs

Layer 4: 27 compartments for Bud, Wheel, Pointed, and Cylinder Burs

Layer 5: The top layer has 19 compartments for 3/32” shank Twist Drills and an additional 24 holes, 3/32” dia. for miscellaneous bur storage. Also at the top are 16 more holes to hold GRS Quick-Change Tool Holders.

BURRO™ is 7.75” in diameter by 9” in height and is constructed from injection-molded plastic. Made in USA.