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GRS BenchMate Encore QCX

GRS BenchMate Encore QCX

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The BenchMate Encore QCX is the most precise and versatile work-holding tool from GRS. Similar to the Encore QC, the QCX can be rotated along all three axes by way of the two large, hand-adjustable pivot screws and by rotating the tool handle in its mount. Unlike the QC, the QCX tool handle can also be adjusted up and down by adjusting the two threaded collars. This additional adjustment, along with the design of the mounting arms, allows you to rotate your work in any direction while maintaining its position in space. This unique ability is essential when working with a microscope. By maintaining your work's position in space, there's no need to re-position or re-focus your microscope every time you rotate the work. The newly redesigned hand-rest can be easily mounted on either side of the tool. This allows both right and left handed access to your work.

Product Details

The BenchMate Encore QC Basic Kit includes the following:

  • BenchMate Encore QCX
  • Fixed Mounting Plate
  • Hand-rest
  • 4 replacement plastic jaws
  • 5/32" hex wrench
  • Spanner wrench
  • Mounting screws

Additional BenchMate Encore fixtures are available (see related products below). Switching fixtures is easier than ever with the redesigned quick change mechanism. Simply loosen the knurled knob at the bottom of the tool handle, twist the fixture a quarter turn and pull it straight out.