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Beadsmith MiniMand Round Mandrel Sets
  • 320-850 includes zippered case
    320-850 includes zippered case

Beadsmith MiniMand Round Mandrel Sets

A range of round straight mandrels (no tapers) available in eight diameters. MiniMand mandrels are designed to create consistently-sized and shaped wire elements. The two largest sizes feature a starter hole to help secure the end of your wire. The five largest sizes incorporate a saw blade channel for cutting at a 45° angle. Choose from among four sets of two mandrels with handle or choose a master set that includes all eight mandrels, handle, and zippered case. Mandrels are 36 mm long and can be unscrewed from the handle and clamped in a bench vise, for which purpose there is a flat at one end of each mandrel.

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320-851 1.5 & 2 mm mandrels + handle
320-852 3 & 5 mm mandrels + handle
320-853 6 & 8 mm mandrels + handle
320-854 12 & 15 mm mandrels + handle
320-850 8 mandrel set (1.5–15 mm) + handle + case