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Art Clay Bronze

Art Clay Bronze

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Art Clay Bronze™ is a clay material for creating a wide range of pieces such as jewelry, craft designs, and objects like sculptures and models. Art Clay Bronze must be fired in an activated carbon under reducing atmosphere using a programmable electric kiln, with the resulting fired piece being solid alloy (Copper 90%, Tin 10%). It’s easy to achieve a beautiful mirror golden finish, even by hand. Art Clay is now the only brand to have fine silver, sterling silver, copper, and bronze formulas, all of which are compatible with each other, given specific techniques. Provided in foil packages containing 50 grams of bronze clay.

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Product Details

Copper/Tin alloy ratio in clay state: 90% (Rest of 10% is Binder and Water)

Shrinkage: Approx.10%-13% in length

Firing schedule: See the details by clicking on “Instructions” above.

Available package: 50g (2 pieces of 25g)

Material form: Lump in aluminum package