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Beadsmith Large EZ Jump Ring Maker

Beadsmith Large EZ Jump Ring Maker

A simple, inexpensive apparatus that forms coils in 4 diameters and consists of a plastic base and 4 steel mandrels in the diameters 10, 12, 14, and 16 mm. Coils are formed in these steps:

  1. Select a mandrel the same size as the inside diameter of the coils you wish to form. Screw this mandrel into the plastic base.
  2. Insert your wire into the small hole in the plastic base and secure the wire by folding it.
  3. Hold the mandrel and wire with one hand, then place a finger from your other hand into the large hole in the plastic base. Using that finger, rotate the plastic base clockwise to form a coil on the steel mandrel.
  4. Remove the coil, and cut across it with a flush cutter to create individual jump rings.

Chrome plated mandrels are 3" long. Furnished with instructions. Made in China.

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