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UltraLite Beehive Mini Kiln

UltraLite Beehive Mini Kiln

Metal Clay & Enamel

The UltraLite Beehive Mini Jewelry Kiln was originally developed for fine metals granulation and for enameling. It's also the perfect choice for firing Metal Clay and Keum-boo. Firing chamber measures 3" in diameter by 1-1/2" high. Electric heating elements quickly generate a temperature of 1550° F. Constructed from ceramic fiber and equipped with a 15" cord set and a stainless steel spatula. Furnished with instructions. Measures 5-1/2" dia. X 6-1/2" high. 110 volts. Made in USA.

The Ceramic Disc Set includes 3 textured discs specially designed for firing Metal Clay in the UltraLite Kiln. When used with the Ceramic Disc, the UltraLite Kiln heats up more quickly and evenly.

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160-881 UltraLite Kiln UltraLite Kiln

160-881-01 Ceramic Disc Set for UltraLite Kiln Ceramic Disc Set