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Smith Little Torch Jewelry Soldering Kit

Smith Little Torch Jewelry Soldering Kit


This jewelry soldering kit contains all of the essential tools for soldering gold and silver. The Smith Little Torch requires oxygen and acetylene (or propane) tanks and tank Regulators (sold separately).

  • Smith Little Torch (propane/acetylene) w/5 tips
  • Torch Stand
  • Torch Lighter with flints
  • Kool Jool Paste
  • Silver Soldering Flux
  • Flux Dispenser with 4 tips
  • Ceramic Soldering Board
  • Third Hand with Tweezer
  • Soldering Pik
  • AA Tweezer
  • Cross-Locking Tweezer
  • Ring Set Tweezer
  • Head & Shank Tweezer
  • Electric Pickling Pot
  • Sparex Pickling Compound (2-1/2 lb)
  • Copper Tongs
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