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Swiss Hart Bur Set

Swiss Hart Bur Set

Vanadium Steel

Set of 19 vanadium steel hart (bearing cutter) burs ranging in diameter from 0.9 to 4.5 mm. Provided in a plastic stand with a clear cover. Made in Switzerland. 3/32" shanks.

The Basics

  • Hart (Bearing Cutter) Burs are used to cut seats in prongs, flush settings, & channels. They are available with 45°, 70° or 90° cutting angles. They can also be used for bright cutting.
  • Vanadium Steel burs are economically priced. They cut precisely when new, but don't retain their sharpness as long as other steel alloys. They're used at low speeds.
  • 3/32" dia. shanks are the jeweler's preferred standard for burs and small rotary tools. They fit the adjustable chucks found on most flexshaft handpieces as well as 3/32" handpiece collets.
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