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Hoke Jeweler's Soldering Torches

The Hoke brand jewelers torch is ideal for precision metal melting, soldering, brazing and welding. Fingertip control valves and a variety of tips permit the user to select a flame size from large brush to pinpoint. Constructed of solid brass and completely nickel-plated. Overall length is 9" and inlets use standard1/4" I.D. rubber tubing. Each torch is provided with an assortment of tips.

The adapter tip set can expand the capabilities of your Hoke Jeweler's torch. It equips you for all soldering, welding, and melting jobs. Even fine intricate soldering can be done quickly and easily. With these tips you get a non-oxidizing flame, so less pickling is required. Changing tips takes only a few seconds. Not for use with the acetylene Hoke Torch.

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110-406 Hoke Torch, natural gas 3 tips included oxygen and natural gas
110-407 Hoke Torch, butane/propane 4 tips included oxygen and butane/propane
110-404 Hoke Torch, acetylene 4 tips included oxygen and acetylene
110-410 Adapter Tip Set for Hoke Torch Adapter Tip Set