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6" Durston Guillotine Shear

6" Durston Guillotine Shear

Model 1207

The 6" Durston Guillotine Shear is ideal for cutting straight edges and for creating large and small findings in sheet metal up to 160mm (6-1/4") wide. The adjustable, built-in miter gauge and ruler allow you to make precise straight or angled cuts. You can cut angles up to 60° in 5° increments. The stainless steel feeder table supports the metal as it is fed into the cutting area, helping to ensure even and clean cuts every time. The Guillotine is operated with a hand bar that controls a precision-ground, hardened and tempered cutting blade. The blade has four cutting edges for long service life. Simply turn the blade when it begins to lose its keen edge. The blades can be turned up to four times before they need to be sharpened and are suitable for cutting non-ferrous metals and mild steel up to 1mm thick. The shear can be mounted to any surface. Manufactured with a strong, durable, and rigid cast iron frame with steel fittings. Made in England.

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