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Durston 80 mm Combo Mini Rolling Mill w/ Extension Rolls

  • Calibrated adjustment dial
    Calibrated adjustment dial
  • Half-round extension rolls
    Half-round extension rolls

Durston 80 mm Combo Mini Rolling Mill w/ Extension Rolls


The Durston C80 Mini Rolling Mill features 80 mm wide combination rollers with both flat and wire forming sections. It also includes extension rolls that form half-round wire often used to fabricate ring shanks. The single, calibrated adjustment dial is in a central, easy-to-read location and provides accurate roll gap measurements.

  • Extension rolls have 4 half-round grooves: 1.5, 2, 3, and 4 mm
  • Roller dimensions: 80 mm wide x 45 mm dia.
  • Gear ratio: Direct Drive
  • Thickness capacity: 6 mm
  • Flat Section: 60 mm wide
  • Wire Section: 4 square grooves, 6.5 to 1 mm
  • Shipping weight: 36 lbs.

Durston's Mini Rolling Mills have the same robust construction, high quality, and fine finish as their larger cousins. Ideally suited for smaller jobs, they combine low cost with high versatility. All of the Durston Mini Rolling Mills have combination flat and wire rolls, and all are equipped with extension rolls for forming half-round wire. However, they are all direct drive mills; none are equipped with gear reduction.

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