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Pauline Warg Matting Tools
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Pauline Warg Matting Tools

Expertly hand-crafted tools which, when struck, create highly polished, delicate, and dense textures and patterns. Matting tools have many uses:

  • Impart a unique design to metal surfaces that will hold patinas such as liver of sulfur
  • Eliminate scratches or marring on metal surfaces
  • Create visually interesting textured backgrounds that shine through transparent enamels
  • Cover a metal piece with texture in order to transfer the texture to metal clay pieces or by rolling through a rolling mill.

Warg Matting Tools are meticulously fabricated by hand and are sold individually. Made in USA.

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383-271 Warg Matting Tool The curved face measures 4 x 2 mm and has three incisions. When struck, the pattern created resembles miniature cobblestones. Multiple strikes over previous strikes create a dense, highly polished texture.

383-272 Warg Matting Tool Honed to a point through the end of which a narrow slit has been ground, creating 2 sharp, highly polished points. Ideal for filling in areas with a fine texture or for shading.
383-273 Warg Matting Tool The face of this tool has 2 raised parallel lines measuring 4 x 2.5 mm with a 4 mm groove ground through the center. When struck repeatedly, the texture resemble coarsely woven fabric. You can also alternate the direction of the strikes to create a differ
383-274 Warg Matting Tool With a rounded end through which a cross has been ground. When struck repeatedly in overlapping patterns, it creates a dense, sparkly design.

383-275 Warg Matting Tool Tapers to a 1.5 mm square with a round recess ground into the center. The effect created is a small square with a raised dot.
383-276 Warg Matting Tool Has 4 grooves at 90° intervals that do not intersect. The effect is a 4-point star-like design. Repeated strikes resemble a mass of shiny stars.