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Eastern Repoussé & Chasing Tools Set

Eastern Repoussé & Chasing Tools Set

By Victoria Lansford

No other chasing tools are constructed with the tapered necks that distinguish these tools from all others. The necks are easy to manipulate, and allow the user to position each tool with much greater accuracy. In creating the repoussé effect, the tips of your tools, their shapes, and their finishes are what are transferred to the metal being worked. Beautiful repoussé requires beautiful tools.

This set is a replica of Victoria's own tools, specifically designed for high relief Eastern Repoussé. Each set is precision crafted from high carbon, 4130 steel, polished to a high finish, and heat treated to 50 Rc hardness to insure the proper shape and depth of all strikes. The set includes 8 tools: 2 line tools, large and small; 3 push tools, large, small, and edging; and 3 planishing tools, large, small, and thin. Made in USA and personally inspected by Victoria. Tools are 80 mm long and packaged in a plastic sealable jar.

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