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Four Hole Metal Punch

Four Hole Metal Punch

with Adjustable Measuring Stop

An advanced metal punching tool that allows you to make perfect holes in sheet metal for riveting and other uses. The shape of this 4-Hole Metal Punch makes it possible to insert your metal piece as far into the apparatus as you need to. In addition, the 4" wide opening allows you to punch much farther from the edge of your material than is possible with other types of hole punches. Each of the four included punches is marked with the size of wire that will fit in the hole created: 12 ga (2.052 mm), 14 ga (1.626 mm), 16 ga (1.290 mm), and 18 ga (1.024 mm). To operate the tool, screw one of the threaded punches down through your metal sheet and into the bottom of the tool using the included hex wrench. Any soft metal with a thickness of up to 18 ga (approx. 1 mm) can be used. An adjustable measuring stop is included with the tool, making it easy to punch multiple holes at a consistent distance from the edge of your material. The removable stop can be adjusted with two thumb screws on the bottom of the tool and is marked in 1/4" increments. The machined steel tool base also includes 1/4" markings along its front edge, allowing you to measure the distance from the punched hole to the side of your material. A magnet embedded in the base holds the hex wrench when not in use.

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