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Compact Polishing Lathe
  • Optional flexible shaft + handpiece
    Optional flexible shaft + handpiece

Compact Polishing Lathe

With Optional Flexshaft

Not only is it the best made small polishing motor we've found, it's the most versatile. In its standard configuration, the motor has 2 tapered spindles and 2 muslin buffs: one for cutting and one for finishing and both 3" in diameter. This high-torque motor has an infinitely variable speed range of 200 to 8500 RPM. Measures only 6-1/2"W x 5"D x 6"H. Cast iron base insures stability. Sealed motor prevents dust particles from accumulating on the armature. Shafts are 8 mm in diameter. Holes are provided in the base for securing to work surface.

Optional accessories include a Flanged Arbor for holding the optional compressed fiber Satin Finish Wheel or the optional Felt Buff. A unique option is the 36" Flexible Shaft and Sheath used with the optional no. 30-style Handpiece with its Jacob-style chuck that holds attachment up to 5/32" in dia. The Flexible Shaft and the Handpiece are sold separately. Another option is the adjustable Drill Chuck (0.6 to 6.5 mm capacity) that allows you to mount drills, burs, mounted stones, bristle brushes, miniature buffs, and mounted rubberized abrasives on your polishing motor.

The standard Compact Polishing Lathe is furnished with two tapered spindles, one white muslin buff, one yellow-treated muslin buff, a hex wrench, and a replacement pair of carbon brushes. Shaft diameter is 8 mm and shaft height is 4". 110 volts, 300 watts. Made in China.

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310-029 Compact Polishing Lathe Motor, spindles, and buffs

310-029-15 Flexible Shaft (with sheath) Flexible Shaft (with sheath): 36" long.
236-971-01 No. 30-Style Handpiece No. 30-style handpiece (with chuck key)
310-029-12 Drill Chuck Drill Chuck: Used to hold burs, brushes, etc. and has a chucking capacity of 0.6 to 6.5 mm. Right side only.
310-029-03 Flanged Arbor Flanged Arbor: Made specially for this motor. Has 10 mm threaded shaft and is used to support the Fiber Wheel or the Felt Buff shown below. Right side only.

140-782 Fiber Satin Finish Wheel Fiber Satin Finish Wheel 3" x 3/4"
140-780 Felt Buff for Multi Grinder Felt buff 3" x 1/2" thick
130-784 Bristle brush Bristle Brush 3" dia (3/4" trim)
310-029-01 Replacement right tapered spindle Replacement right tapered spindle
310-029-02 Replacement left tapered spindle Replacement left tapered spindle
140-784 Replacement yellow buff 3 inchx40 ply Replacement yellow buff (for finishing) 3"x40 ply
140-786 Replacement white buff 3 inchx40 ply Replacement white buff (for initial polish) 3"x40 ply
310-025-09 Replacement carbon brushes x 2 Replacement carbon brushes x 2