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Full size and miniature polishing buffs made of cotton, muslin, felt and other materials. Also, buff rakes for cleaning buffs.
  • Muslin & Cotton Buffs

    Muslin & Cotton Buffs

    Polishing buffs made of cotton and muslin with or without stitching. Available with plastic, leather, or shellac centers.

  • Felt Buffs

    Felt Buffs

    buffing wheels made of wool felt for general polishing of metal surfaces. Solid, knife-edge wheels and rings buffs available.

  • Satin Finish Wheels

    Satin Finish Wheels

    Satin finishing wheels for achieving a lightly textured surface. Several styles available.

  • Miniature Buffs

    Miniature Buffs

    Miniature buffing wheels and points for use with flexshafts. Muslin, cotton and satin finish.

  • Buff Rakes

    Buff Rakes

    Buff rakes for clean buffing wheels by removing polishing compounds and stray threads.