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Sandpaper, abrasive wheels, miniature abrasives, and sharpening stones.
  • Abrasive Paper & Cloth

    Abrasive Paper & Cloth

    Abrasive paper, sandpaper, emery paper and cloth, sanding sticks, and econorolls.

  • Large Abrasive Wheels

    Large Abrasive Wheels

    Large flexible abrasive wheels for use with polishing motors: Cratex, Beartex, Brightboy, Polybond

  • Mini Rotary Abrasives

    Mini Rotary Abrasives

    Small abrasive discs, stone points, cut-off wheels, radial bristle discs, and rubberized abrasives for use with flexshaft handpieces.

  • Sharpening Stones

    Sharpening Stones

    Arkeram and Arkansas abrasive stones for sharpening tools and dressing abrasive wheels. Also, sharpening oil.