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Pliers, Cutters & Shears

Jeweler's pliers and cutters are an essential part of most metal workers' tool kits: from traditional flat and round nose pliers, to specialized parallel action pliers and compound sprue cutters.

  • Common Jeweler's Pliers

    Common Jeweler's Pliers

    Common pliers styles used by jewelers and metal workers: flat nose, chain nose, tapered round jaw, and rosary pliers as well as traditional diagonal cutters and end cutters.

  • Valor Pliers

    Valor Pliers

    Valor-brand pliers feature box joint construction for precision and durability, vinyl-covered grips for comfort, stainless steel forgings, and double leaf springs for ease-of-use.

  • Lindstrom Pliers

    Lindstrom Pliers

    Made in Sweden, Lindstrom pliers and wire cutters provide the precision and high quality required by jewelers. The precisely aligned lap and screw joint is designed to last a lifetime.

  • Specialty Pliers

    Specialty Pliers

    Large-jawed forming pliers, compound-joint parallel-action pliers, soft-jawed pliers for non-marring work, and pliers useful during stone setting and bead crimping tasks.

  • Cutters & Hand Shears

    Cutters & Hand Shears

    Traditional jeweler's cutters like diagonal and end cutters for cutting metal wire, heavy-duty compound shears for sheet metal cutting, and specialized hole punches and sprue cutters.

Pliers, Cutters & Shears

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    Valor Flush Diagonal Cutters

    Valor Flush Diagonal Cutters

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    Xuron Flush Prong Cutter Micro-Shear
  3. New2015-04-23 00:00:00
    Four Hole Metal Punch
  4. Scissor-Style Snips

    Scissor-Style Snips

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  5. Micro Snips

    Micro Snips

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  6. Precision Scissors

    Precision Scissors

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    Long Neck Hole Punch Pliers
  8. Hole Punch Pliers

    Hole Punch Pliers

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    Watch Link Removal Plier

    Watch Link Removal Plier

    Starting at $1.95

161-200 of 201 Items

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