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EarthCoat™ Gold Plating Solutions

EarthCoat™ Gold Plating Solutions

Cyanide Free

All EarthCoat™ plating solutions are cyanide free. They are ecologically safer than standard plating solutions yet plate uniformly and produce a hard, durable finish. The solutions are easy to use and produce rich colors. There are no hazardous shipping surchages for EarthCoat™ products.

Produces a uniform gold color. Use with a stainless steel or pure gold anode. Plate with the solution heated to 140° F (60° C) at 3-4 volts for 30 to 45 seconds. Changing the plating time or solution temperature will affect color. Provided in 1 quart bottle.

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350-814 14K Plating Solution
350-818 18K Plating Solution
350-824 24K Plating Solution