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Patina Solutions

Patina Solutions

A patina is an oxidized, colored film that occurs naturally on copper, brass, bronze, and white metal. The water based patinas shown here create an extensive range of colorations on metallic and non-metallic objects. Applying one of them to your crafted pieces can greatly enhance the aesthetic value of your work. The patina solution can be applied by brush or spray directly to copper, brass, bronze, and white metal. When applying to other surfaces such as gold, silver, nickel and rhodium plate or non-metallic objects, simply coat the objects with liquid copper solution first. A light coat of clear sealer can be applied as a protective finish, although it is not intended for heavy-wear demands. The patinas are available in Blue, Green, and Burgundy. Liquid Copper and Clear Sealer are also available (Rust patina is discontinued). All bottles contain 4 fluid ozs. Made in USA.

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520-810 Blue patina
520-815 Green patina
520-825 Burgundy patina

520-835 Liquid Copper solution
520-840 Clear sealer