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Peddinghaus Round/Square Planishing Hammer

Peddinghaus Round/Square Planishing Hammer


Peddinghaus hammers are made in Germany with high quality steel heads and hardwood handles. The Peddiman line of jewelry and silversmithing hammers are perfect for embossing, raising, riveting, and forming. Available in several hammer styles, sizes and head weights.

The combination Round & Square Planishing Hammer from Peddinghaus is used to refine the outer surface of curved and flat forms, removing the hammer marks introduced during raising or forming. The two different shaped faces, both polished to a mirror finish, are completely flat.

  • Head weight: 300 grams
  • Head length: 4-3/16" 
  • Face size: 1" dia. round, flat
  • Face size: 7/8" x 7/8" square, flat

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