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Nechamkin Repoussé & Chasing Tool Set

Nechamkin Repoussé & Chasing Tool Set

In creating this outstanding set of chasing and repoussé tools, silversmith Liza Nechamkin was inspired by her own antique collection of over 2000 individual chasing and repoussé tools previously belonging to generations of Tiffany & Co and Gorham Silversmiths chasers. The general range of chasing styles for which these tools are best suited falls within the realm of Western-style jewelry and silver chasing, i.e. low to moderately high relief, outlined first from the front and subsequently embossed with repoussé, then finally chased and modeled on the front. These techniques can be seen in the famous 19th and early 20th century chasing of Tiffany & Co., Gorham, Kirk Stieff, and Danish silversmith George Jensen, to name a few.

Nechamkin Chasing Tools are formed from W1 tool steel and heat treated to ensure consistent hardness. The 4.25" long shanks are square for precision and control superior to round shank chasing tools. They have radiused corners and a satin finish. Each chasing tool is numbered for easy identification, while tool faces are precisely shaped and polished in a manner which allows them to travel smoothly across metalwork. For excellent sight down to the working face, tapers are long and balanced. The Nechamkin Chasing Tool Set consists of the following shapes:

  • (4) Straight Liner/Tracers
  • (4) Curved Liner/Tracers
  • (3) Rectangular Planishers
  • (1) Square Planisher
  • (3) Oval Planishers
  • (1) Teardrop Planisher
  • (1) Triangle Planisher
  • (3) Shallow Oval Embossers
  • (2) Shallow Rectangular Embossers
  • (1) Shallow Square Embosser
  • (2) Texture Matting Tools

Expertly crafted for grace and balance, each tool receives a final polish and inspection by Liza. Furnished with a durable stainless steel container, an added value, with extra space for additions to your tool set. The container has a non-marking Delrin® lid and bottom. Made in USA.

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