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Multicut Tube & Wire Cutting Jig

Multicut Tube & Wire Cutting Jig

90° and 45° Angles

Make straight and miter cuts in tubing and wire using this cutting jig and your jeweler's sawframe. Stock is placed into the V-groove while the adjustable stop is set to the desired length and locked in place with a thumb screw. A scale attached to the adjustable stop measures the length of any cut up to 60 mm, though the maximum length of any cut is 90 mm. Stock is secured with the pivoting thumb-clamp and your sawblade is inserted into the guide. Handle fashioned from anodized aluminum. Handle can be removed so that the jig may be mounted in a bench vise (see related products below). Nicely made.

Note: This jig will not clamp material smaller than 4.7 mm in diameter.

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