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4 Lens Headband Visor Magnifier

4 Lens Headband Visor Magnifier

Not only is it the sole head magnifier in this price range with optical glass lenses, it comes with 4 of them, each with a different magnification. Lenses are easily changed with pliers. The headband has a padded leather band to assure comfort. Fits over eyeglasses. For convenience, the lens visor flips up and out of the way when not in use and the headband features an easy-to-use dial adjustment closure. It's an outstanding value, and we know you will be pleased. Made in Taiwan.

  • 3.5X Lens 4" focal length
  • 2.5X Lens 8" focal length
  • 2.0X Lens 10" focal length
  • 1.5X Lens 20" focal length
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