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Smith Little Torch Kit for Propane & MAPP

Smith Little Torch Kit for Propane & MAPP

For Disposable Cylinders

This version of the Smith Little Torch is for use with disposable propane or MAPP cylinders along with disposable oxygen cylinders, available from most hardware stores. Works for most jewelry soldering applications or when portability is required. Furnished with no. 5 tip and can be used with any of the single flame Little Torch tips sizes 3-7. Propane tank will last up to 14 hours while the oxygen tank will last from 15 to 60 minutes (MAPP gas will use up to 35% less oxygen). Kit includes durable 8 ft. hoses, and preset propane and oxygen regulators. Made by Smith Equipment.

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114-273 Little Torch Kit with regulators
114-273-01 Preset propane/mapp gas regulator
114-273-02 Preset oxygen regulator