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Gentec Oxy Propane Small Torch Portable Kit

Gentec Oxy Propane Small Torch Portable Kit

for Disposable Propane Tanks

Similar to our Complete Small Torch Oxy Acetylene Kit, this kit includes the lightweight Small Torch from Gentec with aluminum body and 5 torch tips, oxygen and propane hose set with 9/16" (B) fittings to connect to your regulator, one R oxygen cylinder, and adjustable Gentec oxygen regulator. For fuel, this kit is designed to work with the disposable propane cylinders available at most hardware stores (propane cylinder not included). A preset propane regulator is included. The portable torch kit comes in a molded plastic caddy with a handle, making it easy to store and transport when necessary. Affordably priced.

Oxygen cylinder is not filled.

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