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Firescoff Rh Soldering Flux

Firescoff Rh Soldering Flux

Ceramic Flux for Rhodium

Firescoff® Rh is an improvement to award winning Firescoff® ceramic technology. Firescoff® Rh Soldering Flux adds greater protection for rhodium and gold filled metals, allowing soldering without damage to the plated layer. In addition, Firescoff® Rh protects rhodium from turning black. Features include longer working time at higher temperatures, and easy warm water cleanup that eliminates the need for an acid pickle pot solution. Ceramic flux, fire scale preventer, and rhodium protection all-in-one. Firescoff® was awarded the prestigious Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America (MJSA) Innovation Award. The 125ml (4.25 oz.) size is ideal for bench jewelers - enough for protecting 200+ pieces.

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