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Injection and carving waxes from Ferris and Matt, moldable wax sheets and wires, and specialty waxes for a range of uses.
  • Injection Wax

    Injection Wax

    Flake injection waxes from Freeman and others, come in a variety of colors and attributes.

  • Carving Wax

    Carving Wax

    Carving waxes from Ferris and Matt, come in a wide variety of shapes, including blocks, rods, ring tubes, and slices.

  • Wax Sheets & Wire

    Wax Sheets & Wire

    extruded sprue wax rods, moldable wax sheets and wax wires in a variety of thicknesses.

  • Specialty Waxes

    Specialty Waxes

    Jewelry making waxes for special needs: water soluble, sticky wax, mold-a-wax and Reducit® Pattern Compound.