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GF160 Gas Melting Furnace

GF160 Gas Melting Furnace

The Contenti GF160 Gas Melting Furnace has a melting capacity of 160 lbs. of lead. This size is the most commonly used in white metal casting. The GF160 is provided fully assembled and all electrical controls are wired into the assembly. Electrical controls operate on 110V, 1 phase current. The GF160 is available in propane and natural gas versions. Each GF160 is mounted on a steel table and is ready to be connected to your gas line. Gas input: 35,000 BTU/hour.

  • Other features include
  • Programmable Electronic Temperature Control
  • Auto Gas Shut-off
  • Electrical Shutoff Switch

Made in the USA by the Contenti Company. Shipping weight 156 lbs.

Please call or email us to order this product. Additional costs for crating and motor freight shipping must be added to the base price.

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175-802N Natural gas $2945.00
175-802P Propane $2945.00