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Delft Clay Casting Sand & Mold Frames

Delft Clay Casting Sand & Mold Frames

The Delft Clay Method is a highly refined form of sand casting that substitutes genuine Delft Clay from Holland for ordinary casting sand. The process was invented by Hans Karreman, a Dutch goldsmith. Delft Clay is much finer than casting sand, providing remarkably sharp and highly detailed castings in gold, silver, copper-based alloys, pewter, etc. Castings require very little finishing work. Once you have cast your piece, the Delft Clay can be re-used. Since this is a cold-molding process, molds can be made from patterns composed of wood, wax, epoxy, plastics, and, of course, metal. Because this is a type of sand casting, it is best suited to producing castings without pronounced undercuts. A Delft Clay mold is created in these steps:

  1. Fill and compact the Clay into one half of the aluminum ring frame
  2. Remove excess clay with a straight edge (e.g. a flexible steel ruler)
  3. Press your original pattern halfway into the clay.
  4. Brush Mica Powder or talcum powder over this surface of the mold
  5. Install the other half of the aluminum ring frame, fill with clay and compact
  6. Open the ring frame and remove the pattern
  7. Carve out a pouring channel and vents
  8. Pour in molten metal

The Delft Clay Casting Kits include 4.4 lbs. of Delft Clay, an Aluminum Ring Frame, and detailed instructions. Choose between a kit with a 60 mm ring frame and a kit with a 100 mm ring frame. View the Delft Clay video for complete step-by-step instructions on the Delft Clay Method. Delft Clay is imported from the Netherlands; aluminum ring frames are made in USA.

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173-015 Delft Clay Casting with 60 mm frame Clay (4.4 lb) + 60 mm frame
173-016 Delft Clay Casting with 100 mm frame Clay (4.4 lb) + 100 mm frame
173-020 60 mm Ring Frame for Delft Clay Replacement 60 mm ring frame
173-021 100 mm Ring Frame for Delft Clay Replacement 100 mm ring frame
173-030 Delft Clay Replacement Clay Replacement Clay, 4.4 lbs. (2Kg)