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Metal Melting

Crucibles and metal pouring tools, fluxes, ingot molds, and melting furnaces.
  • Crucibles


    Ceramic and graphite crucibles for melting metal. Models for machine casting and hand pouring.

  • Tongs & Stirring Rods

    Tongs & Stirring Rods

    Tongs for holding casting crucibles, ladles for pouring molten metal and stirring rods of carbon and quartz.

  • Fluxes


    Powdered fluxes for use in metal melting.

  • Ingot Molds

    Ingot Molds

    Cast iron or steel ingot molds for forming metal wire and sheet from molten metal.

  • Melting Furnaces

    Melting Furnaces

    Electric furnaces for precious metals.