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Automatic Electric Burnout Ovens

Automatic Electric Burnout Ovens

These new Burnout Furnaces are the most dependable, most economical ovens available. Suitable for large commercial operations, or the small custom shop. These ovens feature brick chambers with heating elements secured in grooves inside the heating chambers to facilitate replacement. Built-in electronic temperature controllers feature push-button programming and allow up to 6 segments, or ramps, to be pre-set. Each ramp consists of: rate of heating or cooling, temperature setting in° F or° C, and hold time for that temperature. Also, a delayed start can be entered. The furnace will then run that program and hold it in memory until another program is set. Supplied with 3 permanent programs as well as complete programming capability. These furnaces are available in three sizes, all have durable, stainless steel exteriors. Maximum temperature 1700° F. Made in USA.

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160-901 18" x 18" x 21.5"H
(13" x 13" x 9"H inside)
240V, 12A, 50/60 Hz

160-904A 19.75" x 19" x 26.5"H
(14" x 14" x 14"H inside)
240V, 17A, 50/60 Hz
160-905 24" x 27" x 31"H
(18" x 18" x 18"H inside)
240V, 12A, 50/60 Hz