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Bench Pin, Anvil, Mandrels, & Holder Set
  • 110-248 Round Bracelet Mandrel
    110-248 Round Bracelet Mandrel
  • 110-249 Oval Bracelet Mandrel
    110-249 Oval Bracelet Mandrel
  • Ring Mandrel
    Ring Mandrel
  • Bench Pin
    Bench Pin

Bench Pin, Anvil, Mandrels, & Holder Set

With Oval or Round Bracelet Mandrel

At the heart of this tool set is the cast iron holder for bench pin and mandrels with an integral anvil machined into the top surface. The ring mandrel is made from hardened steel and engraved with US sizes 1 to 15 by quarter sizes and has an overall length of 12". The ring mandrel locks in place with the turn of a thumb screw. The highly versatile, bench pin has a work surface of 6" x 2" and includes the traditional V-slot and a slotted extension for supporting rings while sawing. Clamp adjusts for benches up to 1-3/4" thick and will accommodate any bench pin or mandrel tang that measures 2-1/8" x 1/2" or smaller. Both sets include the ring mandrel and the bench pin. Shipping weight is 13 lbs. Made in India.

110-249 is equipped with an oval bracelet mandrel whose overall length is 8" and tapers from 2-9/16" x 2-5/16" (65 x 59 mm) to 1-9/16" x 1-11/32" (39.8 x 34 mm).

110-248 has a round bracelet mandrel, 8" long overall that tapers from 2.625" dia. to 1.5" dia.

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110-248 Anvil Bench Pin Set with ROUND Bracelet Mandrel Set with ROUND bracelet mandrel
110-249 Anvil Bench Pin Set with OVAL Bracelet Mandrel Set with OVAL bracelet mandrel