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  • General Measuring Tools

    General Measuring Tools

    Stainless steel rulers, dividers and steel squares. Degree gauges, drill and bur gauges.

  • Calipers & Sliding Gauges

    Calipers & Sliding Gauges

    Sliding gauges, dial and digital calipers, vernier calipers.

  • Ring, Bracelet & Necklace Gauges

    Ring, Bracelet & Necklace Gauges

    Finger gauges for determining ring sizes, available in plastic and steel, as well as bracelet and necklace gauges.

  • Templates & Scribers

    Templates & Scribers

    Flexible acrylic templates for rendering jewelry designs and gemstones and the layout of wax designs. Scribers for marking wax and hard materials

  • Gemstone Measuring

    Gemstone Measuring

    Stone and pearl gauges, diamond weight gauges and gem estimators.

  • Diamond Testing & Stone Handling

    Diamond Testing & Stone Handling

    Diamond tester pens and electronic gem testers for moissanite and white sapphire. Also stone holders and sorting trays.

  • Gold & Precious Metal Testing

    Gold & Precious Metal Testing

    Silver and gold testing kits and metal testing acids for checking jewelry and other precious metal objects.