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Fretz Jewelers' Short Wide Raising Hammer

Fretz Jewelers' Short Wide Raising Hammer


Fretz Mid-Size Jewelers' Hammers are scaled-down versions of traditional silversmithing hammers, for use on smaller projects such as jewelry making. Each tool has a 420 stainless steel head hardened to 50Rc and polished to a mirror-bright finish. The 220 mm (8.66") long rosewood handles are shaped to provide perfect balance and control.

With a profile similar to, but smaller in size than Fretz's Wide Raising Hammer, this Short Wide Raising Hammer raises small vessels and planishes subtle concave shapes.

  • Head Length: 73 mm
  • Handle Length: 220 mm (8.66")
  • Face Size: 15 x 10 mm, rounded
  • Face Size: 13 x 8 mm, rounded
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