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Many styles of high quality hammers from Fretz Tools, German-made Picard hammers, as well as economy steel hammers in scaled-down sizes and soft-faced nylon, wood, and rawhide mallets.

  • Fretz Mini Precisionsmith Hammers

    Fretz Mini Precisionsmith Hammers

    The Precisionsmith Hammer series features the smallest hammers made by Fretz, with 65 mm average head length. Polishing, raising, embossing, and texturing models available.

  • Fretz Mini Maker® Hammers

    Fretz Mini Maker® Hammers

    Fretz Maker® Miniature Hammers (400 Series) are comparable to Fretz's Precisionsmith Series, but at a lower price. Each hammer has a 65 mm average head length.

  • Fretz Mid-size Jewelers' Hammers

    Fretz Mid-size Jewelers' Hammers

    Fretz Mid-size Jewelers' Hammers are slightly smaller than traditional silversmithing hammers, but are available in many of the same styles. 75 mm average head length.

  • Fretz Mid-size Maker® Hammers

    Fretz Mid-size Maker® Hammers

    Fretz Maker® Mid-size Hammers are comparable in size and number of styles to Fretz's Mid-size Jeweler's Series, but at a lower price. 75 mm average head length.

  • Fretz Large Hammers

    Fretz Large Hammers

    Fretz's line of large format Silversmithing Hammers are full-size, planishing, embossing, and forming hammers with the largest head sizes. Stainless steel with rosewood handles.

  • Fretz Specialty Hammers

    Fretz Specialty Hammers

    The highest quality chasing and specialty hammers from Fretz Tools, including texturing and goldsmithing models as well as designs by Michael Good. Feature rosewood handles.

  • Picard Hammers

    Picard Hammers

    Finely-crafted German-made Picard hammers have hickory handles that are securely attached to hardened steel heads in raising, embossing, planishing, and other silversmithing styles.

  • Economy Mini Hammers

    Economy Mini Hammers

    Lower-priced forming and planishing hammers in small sizes for general use. Scaled-down versions of traditional silversmith's hammers.

  • Chasing & Riveting Hammers

    Chasing & Riveting Hammers

    With their flexible bulbous-end handles, traditional chasing hammers are perfectly suited for striking chasing and repoussé tools. Riveting, goldsmiths' and watchmakers' hammers.

  • Texturing Hammers

    Texturing Hammers

    Hammers with uniquely textured faces impart a variety of designs in metal surfaces for decoration. Some models come with multiple interchangeable faces.

  • Brass & Non-Metal Hammers

    Brass & Non-Metal Hammers

    Soft-faced hammers and mallets made from plastic, wood and rawhide are great for forming soft metal without leaving marks on the surface. Some models are weighted with metal inside.

  • Benchtop Hammers

    Benchtop Hammers

    For flattening malleable metals after rolling, cutting, shearing, or for removing dents or other imperfections from metal surfaces.


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    Fretz HMR-303 Bull Peen Hammer
  2. New2019-01-28 00:00:00
    Fretz HMR-304 Embossing Hammer
  3. New2019-01-28 00:00:00
    Fretz HMR-305 Large Raising Hammer
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    Fretz SH-1 Jeweler's Sledge Hammer
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    Fretz Classic Chasing Hammers
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    Fretz HMR-19 Janus Chasing Hammer
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    Fretz R-CR Chasing and Riveting Hammer
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    Fretz HMR-21 Goldsmithing Hammer
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    Fretz P-1 Michael Good Planishing Hammer
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    Picard Light Raising Hammer

    Picard Light Raising Hammer

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41-80 of 126 Items

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