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Foredom No. 8D Duplex Handpiece

Foredom No. 8D Duplex Handpiece

A slim, economical handpiece widely used by jewelers and carvers for fine, detailed work. Its chuck guard sleeve protects fingers and permits close work. Guard slides back when changing accessories. Duplex spring drive connection comes complete with 3/32" collet and wrenches. Prelubricated ball bearings require no maintenance. 3/4" dia., 9" long. Weight, 5 ozs.

Note: All duplex springs should be lubricated after 20 hours of use. We recommend Foredom Motor and Handpiece Oil (see related products below).

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236-418 No. 8D Handpiece, Duplex Handpiece
236-600 Collet Set (5) for No. 8D Handpiece Set of 5 collets
236-476 Replacement Duplex Spring Repl. duplex spring
236-476-01 Foredom Duplex Spring Cover Duplex Spring Cover