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Marathon III Champion Micromotor

Marathon III Champion Micromotor

0-35,000 RPM, 3/32" Collet

Instead of a flexible shaft, a micromotor incorporates a tiny though powerful motor within the handpiece. This configuration eliminates vibration and chatter while providing greater grinding precision and a much wider speed range (0-35,000 rpm) than a flexible shaft grinder. The Marathon III Champion is compact and portable, measuring only 4.5" x 6.1" x 3.4" and weighing only 5.25 lbs. Continuous variable speed is regulated through a dial on the control unit, while the foot control serves as an on/off switch. The control unit features a reverse switch, a built-in bur holder for 6 burs, and a selector switch for voltage (110 or 220 volts). The handpiece is equipped with a quick-release chuck incorporating a 3/32" collet and measures 6" long. When not in use, the handpiece is stored in the handpiece holder attached to the control unit. Surprisingly, The Marathon III costs less than most flexible shaft grinders. Made in Korea.

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237-245 Complete outfit as shown

237-245-01 Replacement carbon brushes 2 pieces