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Finishing & Abrasives

Broad selection of sheet, rotary, and stone abrasives; vibratory finishing supplies; polishing machines, dust collectors, and buffing wheels; as well as plating supplies and ultrasonic cleaners.

  • Abrasives


    Contenti stocks a comprehensive selection of abrasives from sandpaper and emery cloth to bench sharpening stones and miniature rotary abrasives for a wide range of uses.

  • Vibratory & Tumbling

    Vibratory & Tumbling

    We stock a variety of vibratory finishing machines for efficiently deburring and polishing small parts as well as magnetic burnishing tumblers, abrasive tumbling media and soaps.

  • Polishing Machines

    Polishing Machines

    Electric motors for buffing or polishing metal and plastic parts as well as stand-alone and table-top polishing units with integrated dust collection systems.

  • Arbors & Mandrels

    Arbors & Mandrels

    Arbors and chucks for securing buffs and other rotary abrasives to polishing motors. Miniature mandrels for using miniature rotary abrasives with flexshaft handpieces.

  • Wire & Bristle Wheels

    Wire & Bristle Wheels

    Steel and brass wire wheels and nylon bristle wheels for finishing and polishing metal surfaces. Large wheels for buffing motors and miniature wheels for flexshafts.

  • Buffing Wheels

    Buffing Wheels

    Full size and miniature polishing buffs made of cotton, muslin, felt and other materials. Also, buff rakes for cleaning buffs.
  • Polishing & Buffing Compounds

    Polishing & Buffing Compounds

    Whether polishing silver or gold to a high shine, putting a satin finish on brass or copper, or removing tarnish or scratches from other materials, there's a buffing compound for the job.

  • Polishing Cloths

    Polishing Cloths

    Contenti carries untreated finishing cloths from Selvyt, SoftSthine, and GemBright as well as cloths treated with rouge and tarnish protecting agents. We also carry flexible foam polishing pads.

  • Hand Brushes

    Hand Brushes

    Brass and steel wire hand brushes for satin finishing, disposable acid brushes for flux and other applications, fine sable brushes, and bristle brushes for bench cleanup.

  • Ultrasonic & Steam Cleaning

    Ultrasonic & Steam Cleaning

    For removing oils and other surface contaminants from jewelry, steam and ultrasonic cleaners work quickly with very little effort. Contenti stocks several models along with detergent concentrates.

  • Plating Tools & Supplies

    Plating Tools & Supplies

    Digital electro-plating rectifiers for rhodium and precious metal plating, electroplating solutions, as well as mixing tools and personal protective equipment.

  • Patinas & Oxidizers

    Patinas & Oxidizers

    Traditional patina solutions such as liver of sulphur, metal oxidizers, and other colorizing coatings for metals as well as gilders paste and Renaissance wax polish.

Finishing & Abrasives

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  1. New2020-01-03 00:00:00
    Cocker Weber Superior Bristle Wheel Brushes
  2. Bristle Wheel Brushes

    Bristle Wheel Brushes

    Starting at $3.27

  3. German Texturing Brushes

    German Texturing Brushes

    Starting at $44.90

  4. New2015-06-04 00:00:00
    Mounted Wheel Bristle Brushes
  5. New2015-09-21 00:00:00
    Unmounted Miniature Bristle Wheels
  6. Bristle Cup Brushes

    Bristle Cup Brushes

    Starting at $1.66

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    Loose Muslin Buffs

    Loose Muslin Buffs

    Starting at $0.99

  8. Cotton Super Buff

    Cotton Super Buff

    Starting at $7.90

  9. Goblet Buffs

    Goblet Buffs

    Starting at $13.56

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    6" 1 Ply Satin Finish Wheel

    6" 1 Ply Satin Finish Wheel

    Special Price $0.99 Regular Price $2.05
  11. Felt Ring Buffs

    Felt Ring Buffs

    Starting at $2.04

121-160 of 276 Items

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