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Pepetools Dust Collector


Pepetools Dust Collector

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Unlike most other table-top dust collectors, this model has 2 blowers instead of 1. This arrangement permits the dedication of one blower per air inlet, which in turn allows each blower to be sealed off from the other as well as from the remaining space inside the dust collector (see photo). The result is a significant improvement in air movement efficiency versus other dust collectors. Each blower moves air at the rate of 250 cfm (500 total cfm), and has its own dedicated filter. Each filter is housed within a cassette that slides out of the top of the machine, eliminating the need to dismantle the dust collector to replace a filter. Fabricated from 18 gauge steel with a baked-on blue finish, the dust collector also features two ceramic light sockets with 60 watt bulbs and a top-mounted accessory shelf for storing buffs and compounds. A 2" high riser is provided for smaller polishing motors. The riser is stamped with a number of holes to accept a wide variety of polishing motor models. If the riser is not used, the pan of the dust collector is stamped with the same hole arrangement. Motors like the Baldor and Handler sealed motors are installed into the pan of the dust collector without the riser and do not need to be bolted to the dust collector. Dimensions: 33" wide by 22" deep by 11" high. Accessory shelf adds another 9" to the overall height. 110 volts. Made in USA.

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