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Jura QC Flat & Engraver's Clamp Fixtures
  • 212-007

Jura QC Flat & Engraver's Clamp Fixtures

Specially designed for use with Jura Tools' Master Jaws, QC fixtures can be swapped quickly and easily without tools, making your engraving block more flexible than ever. Use the Flat Clamp for securing round and square practice plates for stone-setting and engraving. Use the Engraver's Clamp to secure almost any small object using 3/32" diameter pins which are sold separately or can be made out of old 3/32" bur shanks. Both fixtures also have an integrated groove on the inside surface for holding beading tools and other round shank tools vertically for shaping or polishing. For use only with Jura Master Jaw-equipped engraving blocks (see related products below).

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212-007 Jura Flat Clamp Flat Clamp
212-006 Jura Engraver's Pin Clamp Engraver's Pin Clamp