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Economy Flex Shaft + Pepetools Jump Ring Maker

Economy Flex Shaft + Pepetools Jump Ring Maker

Save money by purchasing our Jump Ring Maker/Economy Flexshaft Grinder package instead of ordering these items separately. Each Economy Flexshaft in the Combo Package has been modified by Contenti to work with the new model Pepe Jump Ring Maker.

    The Jump Ring Maker is used with 2 sizes of rotary saws:
  • 31.75 mm blade Cuts up to 18 ga. (1 mm) wire (item no. 410-052, and included with the outfit)
  • 38 mm blade Cuts up to 16 ga. (1.3 mm) wire (item no. 400-126, sold separately below)

Important note for customers outside the United States and Canada: The Economy Flexshaft operates on 110 volts. Please be sure that this voltage is available in your country before ordering the Jump Ring Maker with the Economy Flexshaft. If you do not have this voltage available, then you need to order the Jump Ring Maker without the Flexshaft (see related products below).

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400-129 Jump Ring Maker + Economy Flexshaft Jump Ring Maker with Economy Flexshaft

410-052 Repl. 31.75 mm Saw Repl. saw (31.75 mm dia.)
  • (3 or more) $11.40
  • (6 or more) $10.80
400-126 Optional 38 mm Saw Optional saw (38 mm dia.)
  • (3 or more) $14.16
  • (6 or more) $13.41