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Double-Ended Forming 5 Stake Set

Double-Ended Forming 5 Stake Set

A set of five nicely finished, polished steel forming stakes that can be used with a plastic/nylon hammer to create synclastic and anticlastic forms out of sheet metal. Each stake has two different ends, with curves of varying size and shape. Overall length is 9", with 3" working areas at each end. The hexagonal center section allows the stake to be secured in either a standard bench vise or our Vertical Stake Vise (see related products below). The Vertical Stake Vise provides the most secure hold, preventing the stake from moving vertically, as can happen with a standard vise

  • Combination Stake: 3 small sinusoidal waves & 2 large sinusoidal waves
  • Anticlastic/Synclastic Stake: 5 anticlastic grooves & 5 synclastic curves
  • Large Diameter Anticlastic Stake: 3 small anticlastic grooves & 2 large anticlastic grooves
  • Synclastic Stake: 3 small synclastic curves & 2 large synclastic curves
  • Small Diameter Anticlastic Stake: 4 anticlastic grooves & 4 anticlastic grooves

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