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Whether you're lost wax casting with precious metals or brass or spin casting with white metal, Contenti has the tools and supplies you need. From wax injection and mold vulcanization to centrifugal and vacuum casting.

  • Spin Casting White Metal

    Spin Casting White Metal

    Contenti stocks everything you need for white metal spincasting, including organic and silicone mold rubber discs, Nicem and Contenti casting machines, and tin-lead and lead-free alloys.

  • Carving & Specialty Waxes

    Carving & Specialty Waxes

    Carving wax blocks and wax slices from Ferris and Matt, wax tubes for making ring models, moldable soft wax sheets, wax wires, and sprue wax rods. Froggie Board modeling slices also available.

  • Injection Wax

    Injection Wax

    Flake injection waxes from Freeman and others come in a variety of colors with attributes suited to different model making needs.

  • Wax Working Tools

    Wax Working Tools

    Wax carving tools including electric wax workers and hand carving probes and detailers, as well as wax-working mandrels and Matt brand wax tools.

  • Lost Wax Mold Rubber

    Lost Wax Mold Rubber

    Mold rubber for jewelry models from Castaldo and Contenti are stocked in strips, pre-cut rectangular mold pieces, and sheet rubber for lost wax casting.

  • Mold Making Supplies

    Mold Making Supplies

    Lost wax mold frames for jewelry models, mold locators and release agents, as well as mold cutting blades, heavy-duty moldmakers gloves and other essential moldmaking tools.

  • Vulcanizers & Wax Injectors

    Vulcanizers & Wax Injectors

    Electric vulcanizers for creating rubber molds and pressurized wax injectors for creating multiples of wax models for use in lost wax casting.

  • Casting Flasks & Investment

    Casting Flasks & Investment

    Stainless steel flasks for lost wax jewelry casting, wax sprue bases, rubber mixing bowls for investment, and investment powder. Scales, dust masks and mixing tools also available.

  • Burnout Ovens

    Burnout Ovens

    Electric burnout ovens for removing wax from investment flasks used in lost wax casting. Oven pyrometers and wax burnout grates and trays.

  • Metal Casting Grain

    Metal Casting Grain

    Copper and Bronze-based metal casting grain alloys, each with its own characteristics suited to different lost-wax casting needs.

  • Casting Machines & Crucibles

    Casting Machines & Crucibles

    Centrifugal and vacuum powered lost wax casting machines, metal melting crucibles and handles, ingot molds, vacuum pumps and electric melting furnaces.


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    Electric Metal Melting Furnaces
  2. Vacuum Bell Jars

    Vacuum Bell Jars

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    Graphite Melting Crucibles

    Graphite Melting Crucibles

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  4. High Back Melting Dish

    High Back Melting Dish

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    Ferris File-A-Wax Blocks

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  6. Melting Dish Handles

    Melting Dish Handles

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  7. Large Flask Tongs

    Large Flask Tongs

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  8. Adjustable Ingot Molds

    Adjustable Ingot Molds

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