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Inverted Cone Carbide Burs (1/8" shank)

Inverted Cone Carbide Burs (1/8" shank)

Carbide inverted cone burs with 1/8" shanks.

  • Diameter 3/32"
  • Length 1/8"

The Basics

  • Inverted Cone Burs are shaped like an upside-down cone and are well-suited for making undercuts for stone setting and remove excess solder from tight spaces.
  • Carbide Steel burs maintain their sharpness longer than any other steel. They are more brittle than carbon steel and hss and are more likely to break or chip if mishandled.
  • 1/8" dia. shanks are larger than the standard 3/32" tools most used by jewelers. These larger tools fit most adjustable chucks but will not fit most quick-change handpieces.
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