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Metal Techniques of Bronze Age Masters: Russian Filigree (DVD)

Metal Techniques of Bronze Age Masters: Russian Filigree (DVD)

Part of Victoria's Lansford's widely acclaimed instructional series, Metal Techniques of Bronze Age Masters. Now you can learn the ancient art of Russian Filigree from this 2-1/2 hour DVD as Victoria Lansford teaches five different, exciting, open back filigree projects and shares her many valuable tips and tricks in her characteristic easy-to-follow style. Projects include a pendant, earrings, a large bead or dome, and two rings. Designed for the those familiar with the basics of metalsmithing, this professionally produced DVD features high resolution close-ups to ensure nothing is missed. The process comes to life on your TV or computer where you can view more detail than you would ever be able to see in a class. Included is an illustrated printable PDF booklet, so you can keep the corresponding directions and step-by-step photographs right on your bench. You will also have access to a dedicated Q&A forum maintained by Victoria.

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